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Dear Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our website, which the youth have all worked so hard on. The Summer Youth Bike and Environmental Program(SYBEP) 2011 was designed to help youth learn about the many pressing issues in our community and environment, as well as galvanize them to create change within themselves, each other, and the neighborhoods in which they reside. We focused mainly on the South Philadelphia region, which has a high volume of immigrant bike riders but lacks infrastructure in its transportation systems, particularly bike lanes.  We learned about environmentalism and the disparities in the funding structures of different communities, we went on many bike trips and excursions around the city of Philadelphia, we learned about the future developmental plans of the city and it's progressing transportation systems, we learned how to fix bikes and maintain your bikes, and we learned how to work as a team and become leaders. All of this has culminated into a campaign the youth are diligently implementing.

Here, you can navigate through the tabs and see the different projects they have worked on. In MISSION STATEMENT, the students have stated their goals and objectives and made a list of demands they want to see in their community. They also created a city proposal that will be sent to city officials. In the BLOG tab, you can read the students' personal experiences and everything they have learned within the last few weeks; they have all shared some very useful information in these blogs so check it out! Click on VIDEO and you can watch video footage from the bike repair workshops, bike trips, and most importantly, the Documentary that the youth created, which chronicles a day in the life of an immigrant bike rider in South Philadelphia. Also check out PICTURES from all the fun times we've had in the picture forum! In the BIO section, you can read all about our journeys and meet all the youth and instructors involved in this program. In MAP, we uploaded a Community Asset Map, which identifies different public resources, green spaces and bike lanes in South Philadelphia. Want to read more on bike news in Philadelphia, click on NEWS where you can find articles, resources and other information on bicycling and environmentalism. Lastly, questions, commentaries, feedback, etc are all welcome so Contact us using the CONTACT tab.

Once again, thank you for visiting us and enjoy the website!

Peace, Love, and Happiness,
Minh Nguyen
BPSOS- Asian Youth Empowerment Project Organizer (AYEP)