BPSOS Summer Youth Bike &  Environmental Program
  As members of BPSOS Summer Youth Bike and Environmental Program (SYBEP), we believe that changes are needed to improve our community in South Philadelphia. As leaders in our communities, we are advocating for innovative solutions to the problems we see on a daily basis. Based on our observations and research, we are working towards eliminating the inequities in the funding structures of our different communities in the South Philadelphia region. We are proposing that the City Planning Commission and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia and all other involved parties, follow the guidelines we have set forth in improving our city and communities. As members of the community and residents of South Philadelphia, we are advocating for the following:

1.       Increase in trees, shrubberies and other vegetation in the South Philadelphia region.

2.       Increase in city sanitation workers around parks and recreational areas.

3.       Improvements and repairs of public spaces and recreational facilities in South Philadelphia.

4.       Buffered bicycle lanes and bicycle racks on streets that have high concentrations of bicycle riders.*

5.       Creation of signs indicating Rules of the Road on major local roads and streets that contain a high concentration of bicycle riders.*


6.       Easier accessibility to obtain free recycling bins for all households in South Philadelphia. For example, lessening the language barriers for those that have issues with English.

7.       Create outreach programs in South Philadelphia that informs communities on incentives and programs based around energy efficiency and greener living.  

8.       Development and implementation of environmental education, curriculum and programs in all public schools.


9.       Promotional Campaigns to advocate for greener applications in daily life. For example, television commercials, billboards ads, brochures, etc. 

10.   Stricter enforcement and regulations on industry pollution that do not follow the EPA industry pollution regulations and guidelines.


11.   Provide free and easily accessible weatherization (weather-proofing) for residents of South Philadelphia. For example, lessening the language barriers for those that have issues with English.

12.   Implement programs that provide free safety bicycle equipment to bicycle riders in South Philadelphia through local community centers in South Philadelphia. Some examples of this equipment are helmets and reflectors.

13.   Extension of more bike lanes to Navy Yard and multiply bike lanes that connects all parks together.*

14.   Increase number of bike racks around park facilities throughout Philadelphia.*

15.   Solar power trash can and recycles bins in a two mile radius of every resident in South Philadelphia.*