BPSOS Summer Youth Bike &  Environmental Program

Our Documentary 
Stay Tune for our SYBEP Documentary. It will be released later on this week, but feel free to check out the videos below!

Bike Trips w/ Bicycle Coalition of Greater Phila

                                                  Trip to Schuylkill River Trail

                                                     Trip to the Navy Yard

                                            Delaware River Trail

Professional Development Workshop
                                          Step In, Step Out Game

                            Group Discussion with Cy, Diana and Steve

                            Student Presentations on the City Proposals
                                                (Part1 - Group 2)

Student introductions on the first day of their Bike Coalition training

Bike Rodeo

                                            Bike Rodeo (Part1)

Bike Rodeo (part 2)

Bike Repair

                                                        Fixing Flat Tire (Part 1)

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